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My name is Kara, and I am exceptionally mediocre at a lot of things.

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My love of cats started early.

I was born and raised in South Dakota, and have a BS in Communication Studies and Theater, with specializations in both Theatre and Speech Education. My alma mater’s motto is “You Can Go Anywhere From Here.”  Yup… like head first into poverty!


I have worked as an actress, model, set builder, makeup artist, vfx artist, dog walker/pet sitter, costumer, hand model, birthday party princess, waitress, etc. I can sing, dance, and once knew how to play violin, flute, and tenor sax. You get the gist. I can do pretty much anything that someone will pay you less than minimum wage to do.


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You.                                        Will.                                  Die.                             Penniless.


I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, and obviously that is going reeeeally well. Hence, having absolutely no time to do home projects, or blog about them.

“Oh Em GEEE, you are an actress?! What are you in?!”

Nothing you would have seen, trust me.

That makes it sound like I do porn. I don’t. But I HAVE gotten the offer. They even said I could wear a paper bag over my head, “to keep my dignity.” Because, you know, nothing says “dignified” like having sex with a ten-cent Dollar Tree* bag over your head.


It’s nice to have options.


My partner and I bought a 1923 bungalow in Los Angeles, because home prices are atrocious, but so is rent, and this is where you will get to read all about my adventures in fixing it up.  Yes, me.

Don’t worry, he does the dishes


Aww…I like him.

We share our home with my two beautiful babies, Butters and Mookie. They are cats. Really adorable cats. If you have a problem with people who call their pets their children, you should probably just GTFO now.


mookie gtfo         




*Nothing against Dollar Tree. I love me a good Dollar Tree.



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