ikea runnen deck tiles refinish with behr wood stain in chocolate

IKEA Runnen Patio Tile Redo

We have been eyeing these wood patio tiles at Ikea ever since moving into our house. In case you missed it, our entire backyard is paved over. Like a big beautiful parking lot.     We never took the plunge, because after doing the math, the tiles just weren’t in our budget. Fast forward to […]


Quick and Easy Pickled Jalapeños

I had a handful of jalapeños sitting in my fridge from our concrete garden, but have been too busy lately to use them all in my cooking. *This post contains affiliate links*   I love getting pickled jalapeños on sandwiches or pizza, so I figured that would be a great way to use them up, as well […]


Gardening on Concrete : DIY Raised Cinderblock Beds

When we were shopping for a home, I had grand dreams of the quaint, lush garden I would soon be tending to. In reality, what I got was a sea of hot concrete. I have looked into ways to break up the concrete, all of which are either expensive or back-breaking. Due to my lack […]

IMG_20160310_151730 copy

Upcycled Kitchen Cabinet to DIY Kitchen Island

The first project I tackled upon moving in, was creating some extra storage in the kitchen. Most of these old bungalows have really small kitchens. Surprisingly enough, that wasn’t our issue! The kitchen was a decent size, but the layout left us with few usable cabinets. We actually had more cabinet space in our apartment’s […]


Christmas-ing AKA Will I Ever Blog Again?

Warning: This post is super long, but, bonus, it is mostly pictures. Wow, I said I was going to do better at getting posts out, and I may actually be doing worse. It’s a tough call. Ever since Thanksgiving, we have been super busy getting things ready for Christmas. As I am sure most of […]

Homemade marmalade

Orange Marmalade from our Backyard

Though our backyard doesn’t look like much, hidden among the concrete are several prolific fruit trees. If you aren’t careful as you walk, you could get a thump on the noggin’ from ripe fruit falling to the earth pavement. The tangerine (Mandarin? The verdict is still out.) tree is particularly giving. Perhaps too giving. Rotten oranges litter […]


Dry Brining a Turkey

Dry Brine for a no mess Turkey! Ok, maybe not no mess, but I’ll settle for less of a mess. This turkey was tender and had great flavor. (This is coming from a woman who isn’t usually a big turkey fan.) We don’t have a giant refrigerator for submerging a 16 pound bird. Nor do […]

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Thanksgiving Recap

Friendsgiving! We decided to host last-minute, when we discovered we had a few other misfit toys (friends) with no place to go. It was a good choice. I decided to finally refinish the old dining chairs I got for $5 off of Craigslist. Unfortunately, since the decision to host was last-minute, so was the decision […]

Where are yoooou?

Where the hell have you been?! I know, I know. The purpose of a blog is to actually post stuff. Well, the Travel Cats were on an epic European vacation. (See below.) They had the best intentions of posting throughout the trip, but the laptop stopped working on day one. Isn’t that special? Below is […]


Kitchen Progress

A lot has happened in the kitchen since we purchased our little bungalow. It isn’t finished, but it was all cleaned out for exterminators to spray, and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the progress! Keepin’ it classy.*     When we were moving in, I hung some dish towels from the windows, […]