Traveling to Hawaii Part Two: Our Favorite Places (to Eat)

Well, this started out as a post of all of our favorite spots on Oahu, and then we realized things were getting out of hand. What can we say? We like food. So, here is a list of our favorite places to munch on Oahu. For our favorite non-food spots, keep your eye peeled for […]


Quick and Easy Pickled Jalapeños

I had a handful of jalapeños sitting in my fridge from our concrete garden, but have been too busy lately to use them all in my cooking. *This post contains affiliate links*   I love getting pickled jalapeños on sandwiches or pizza, so I figured that would be a great way to use them up, as well […]


Pine Street Market Review: Portland, OR

Pine Street Market  126 SW 2nd Ave. Portland, OR 97204 The market is open everyday from 6am-11pm. *You may want to check with tenants for their individual open hours during that time.       We happened to be in town during opening weekend of the new Pine Street Market in downtown Portland, OR. The market […]

Homemade marmalade

Orange Marmalade from our Backyard

Though our backyard doesn’t look like much, hidden among the concrete are several prolific fruit trees. If you aren’t careful as you walk, you could get a thump on the noggin’ from ripe fruit falling to the earth pavement. The tangerine (Mandarin? The verdict is still out.) tree is particularly giving. Perhaps too giving. Rotten oranges litter […]


Dry Brining a Turkey

Dry Brine for a no mess Turkey! Ok, maybe not no mess, but I’ll settle for less of a mess. This turkey was tender and had great flavor. (This is coming from a woman who isn’t usually a big turkey fan.) We don’t have a giant refrigerator for submerging a 16 pound bird. Nor do […]