ikea runnen deck tiles refinish with behr wood stain in chocolate

IKEA Runnen Patio Tile Redo

We have been eyeing these wood patio tiles at Ikea ever since moving into our house. In case you missed it, our entire backyard is paved over. Like a big beautiful parking lot.


giphy (1)
This is the face I make most often when it comes to choices that were made with this house. [giphy]

We never took the plunge, because after doing the math, the tiles just weren’t in our budget. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when to my delight, someone posted a bunch of used ones for free on the NextDoor app. All I had to do was pick them up! Score! I knew there were some other interested parties before me, so I figured maybe I would end up with ten or so. I was shocked when I pulled up to the house and saw the huge stack in the driveway! I figured I’d cram them all into the car before anyone could change their mind, and count when I got home.


Trunk full of free Ikea decking tiles
Tile DREAMS coming true!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Stacks of ikea wood decking tiles
I’m not too good for your trash.


There were 98 tiles total! That’s over $300 worth!

I laid them all out, so I could prep them to be refinished. I know, I know, they look rough, but trust me, they are gonna look beautiful once I’m done with them!


Ikea patio tiles all laid out to be refinished
Oh, wow, that looks really bad. Ignore my dumpy patio space.


This probably looks hideous to most people, but I was super excited.



The Process

I left the tiles out in the rain. I figured, might was well use what nature has provided. If rain isn’t in your forecast, just soak them with the hose. Then, I sprinkled this all in one wood cleaner from Behr over top, and used a push broom to scrub it in.

BEHR all in one wood cleaner
I love this stuff!

This stuff works wonders! I always use it when I am using salvaged wood, or wood that has been left outside.

Washing the wood ikea tiles to prep for refinishing
Scrub-a dub dub!

Then you let it sit for a bit, before washing it all off.

Look at the difference!

Ikea deck tiles old finish removed
So fresh and so clean!


Once it dries, it’s ready for stain. I like to use this behr stain and sealer in one for my outdoor projects. In this case, I used the chocolate semi-transparent stain.

Behr Chocolate wood stain
Adding the new stain and sealer.

I painted it on with a brush, because I didn’t want drips on the concrete. (As if the concrete is in pristine condition.) You could also go much faster with a roller if you put a tarp underneath first.

Here’s a reminder of the BEFORE:

IKEA RUNNEN tiles before refinishing stain


IKEA RUNNEN deck tiles after being refinished with behr waterproofing wood stain in chocolate




shut up


ikea deck tiles with new stain behr chocolate
Detail shot!


ikea runnen tiles behr chocolate stain refinished
Close up!



In the golden sunlight. Swoon!

What do you think? I love how they turned out! I swear it looks like the floor of a spa.

Now I just need to decide where to put them, and add furniture!


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