Pine Street Market Review: Portland, OR

Pine Street Market

 126 SW 2nd Ave. Portland, OR 97204

The market is open everyday from 6am-11pm. *You may want to check with tenants for their individual open hours during that time.



Grab a seat, and take a number!


We happened to be in town during opening weekend of the new Pine Street Market in downtown Portland, OR. The market is an open space eating hall, filled with culinary delights by several trendy food purveyors. Located near the waterfront, in an open beam building which once housed a baggage and carriage transfer, the hall boasts communal seating and counter service. In the back of the space, is an area with self-serve water and utensils.

We were disappointed to find a few of the 9 restaurants had not yet opened, even though it was “opening weekend”.  There were still several places to sample from, and we narrowed it down to three.


Marukin Ramen:


Closes at 9pm


Marukin is a Ramen shop originating from Tokyo, offering a rotating menu including a daily vegan option. We got the Shoyu Ramen, a surprisingly light chicken and pork broth which included egg, bamboo shoots, green onion, pork, and nori toppings. ($10) It was slightly oily, but had a good flavor, and a light enough broth that the oil didn’t leave you feeling guilty.




Pollo Bravo:

Open until 10pm


Pollo Bravo serves, you guessed it, pollo (chicken). Available as a whole ($23), half ($12), or quarter dinner ($10). We chose the quarter, dubbed as “Winner winner Chicken Dinner,” which was accompanied by a radicchio salad and grilled bread. With a name like that, how could we pass it up?




Has food ever literally made you go, “MmmmMMmmm!” ? Well, this chicken-y goodness gave us one of those moments. The smokey flavor is present throughout the entire piece of chicken. None of that, all of the flavor is in the skin garbage. My mouth is watering just thinking about it…We should have bought the whole bird.


The warm glow from the cafe lights was nice IRL…not nice for this picture.


Wiz Bang Bar by Salt & Straw:

Open until 11pm


Unlike its other Salt & Straw locations, Wiz Bang Bar offers exclusively soft serve. ($3.95) There are also several ways you can augment your soft serve, if a cone just isn’t cutting it. Don’t worry, they still have their freshly made waffle cones tempting you as soon as you walk in!


Holding things is hard when you don’t have opposable thumbs. We let Mom do the honors.


We chose the Roasted Strawberry Coconut, which was to die for! It was incredibly creamy for non-dairy. I guess that coconut cream is the secret to dairy free “ice cream”.  Salt & Straw never disappoints, and the Wiz Bang Bar was no exception.


Little known fact: Most cats are lactose intolerant.


We enjoyed the atmosphere of the dining hall, and the ability to come with friends and each find something appealing to our appetites. We suspect it will be a great addition to the Portland food scene once all of the shops finally open and get on their full schedule.



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