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Tivoli Gardens : A Must See in Copenhagen, Denmark

As we mentioned in our Copenhagen post, Tivoli Gardens is the 2nd oldest theme park in the world. It’s enchanting atmosphere served as an inspiration for Walt Disney’s parks. Located in the center of Copenhagen, it is easy to get to and open late. Music to our ears.


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Entrance Fee

We LOVE how Tivoli does it’s ticket sales. *ahem* Disney take note! *ahem*

They have a separate entrance fee and ride fee. Meaning, if you just want to come in and enjoy the atmosphere, shop, eat, and catch a show, you don’t need to pay for the rides you aren’t going to go on. If you only want to go on the carousel, because the other rides make you want to cough up a furball, No problem! You can pay for that individual ride!

Entrance to the park for ages 8 and up is 100- 110 dkk ($15-$17) depending of the season.

Children under 8 years of age are free!


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Turns out, It IS a small world after all!

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There are 28 rides dispersed throughout the park.

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Rides vary in cost from 1-3 tickets at 25 dkk per ticket ($4-$12 per ride)


For 220 dkk ($34) you can get an unlimited ride wristband.

From boats on the lake and a traditional carousel, to a tower drop and “Vertigo”, which can only be described as looking particularly terrifying, there is something for every age.


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If you want to test your skill, there is also midway with a variety of traditional games for around $3 a piece. Adults can also try their luck at the largest slot machine arcade in Denmark.


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Our Experience

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We were lucky to find that Tivoli had just reopened with their Halloween theme only one night before our arrival. People were out in full force, donning hats and scarves for an evening of warm glögg and fall fun. Every nook and cranny was decked out with pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay bales.


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Tivoli is a feast for the eyes, and the lights glowing in the night made it all the more wonderful. There are variety of eateries, with a wide range of prices, to appeal to all appetites and pocketbooks. After perusing the quaint shops, selling everything from (very tempting) woolen mittens and scarves to chocolates, we decided it was time to eat. Butters was getting the hangrys, and there is pretty much nothing more irritating to deal with. We settled on an Italian place surrounded by a charming patio area.


It looked so cute from the outside, and the posted menu had reasonable prices. We ended up ordering a pizza and garlic bread to share.

Schiacciatella 30,-  ($5)

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Hvidløgs brød med salt flager og rosmarin {Garlic bread with salt flakes and rosemary }

Diavola 119,-  ($18)

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Tomat, mozzarella, ventricina (chili salami), gorgonzola og marineret peberfrugt

{Tomato, mozzarella, ventricina (chili salami), gorgonzola and marinated peppers}

This brick oven pizza was to frickin’ die for.

It may be the jet lag talking, but I swear, that may have been my favorite meal of the entire trip. I DREAM about that pizza. The garlic bread was also scrumptious. (But when is garlic bread ever wrong?) We even had leftovers, which, full disclosure, I woke up and snacked on at like 4am.

The atmosphere was perfect, and the prices were lower than many of the other table service restaurants in the park. Score.

After satiating our hunger, we explored more of the park, and drank glögg and hot cocoa to keep toasty.


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Glögg is an alcoholic drink similar to mulled wine, which is totally worth your $5… Honestly, I don’t remember how much it was. You really can’t put a price on glögg.


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We decided to forgo rides because it was both chilly, and we went late in the day. We really enjoyed walking through the park taking in the gardens and ambiance.


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We also caught a free musical theatre performance on their main stage before heading home. The talent wasn’t of the same quality as we are used to seeing in say, the Los Angeles area, but it was entertaining none the less.


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We loved Tivoli Gardens, and look forward to returning and getting an unlimited ride wristband in the future!

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We let mom and Dad join us for a family photo in exchange for treats.

*All prices are approximate due to fluctuating exchange rate, and are rounded to the nearest dollar. Accurate as of 2016.

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