Travel Cats

Hi! We are Butters and Mookie, and we are sister-cats. We love to travel and experience new places and cultures. We will keep you updated on our adventures, good or bad, and give you recommendations along the way!


butters travel headshot

Butters was born in a barn in South Dakota. She is a foodie, who also loves nature and good company. She would be equally happy spending the day exploring the great outdoors, as she would be lounging the day away with a nice cool drink…or popsicle…or buffet.




Mookie was rescued off of Craigslist when her previous owners could no longer keep her due to severe allergies. Mookie is laid back, and has a go with the flow travel style. Aside from her discerning palate, she is easy to please, and tough to frazzle. She is up for any adventure, but is also content just wandering and seeing what new thing she might find around the next corner.